27 Oct 2014

picture book...

Oops. Time is running fast.

After such a long break of posting you are thinking what had happened during the last days and month. Sitting in front of your desk you might say: "Nothing special. Just the normal life."
But also the normal life is a big adventure when it comes to remember what you have done in the past. Thinking of the these little things which made you happy or sad, laughing or cry are the exciting moments you are living for.
Your normal stuff could be something extraordinary for somebody else.

Our days have been filled with blue skies and flowers and with food, like always. No matter if that means to marinate some figs, having a salad for lunch or finding the right tomatoes for dinner. And not to forget it also has been filled with art. Thanks to my lovely wife who is dragging me to exhibitions. And thanks to the dog who is always waiting patiently until she can goes to the wood.

You see, just normal things.
But I do not want to miss them, these exciting moments I can share with somebody.  

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