31 Oct 2014

not a childhood pleasure...

When you are a child and it comes to vegetables it seems quite hard for parents to plant the seed of enthusiasm in us for them. I am pretty sure that the most of us have a vegetable that we do not like very much.
For me it is fennel. What is quite funny although I do not  like it very much I think fennel has to go into some dishes to make them a great experience.
But I don't want to talk about fennel.
Because I think there is another vegetable which is more famous of being disliked in our childhood. Probably it has something to do with that strong earthy taste. 
When I was young ... (I love this beginning of a sentence) we mostly got them in school camps. Sometimes on daily base. They coming in jars and the people just strain them and making a kind of salad by adding some salt, pepper, vinegar and oil. And even today people buying those jars of soft cooked and sliced beetroot.

They are really easy to prepare. So there is no reason to buy them precooked.
Surprise, surprise the beetroot has a relative which comes with white and yellow flesh. You find the yellow beetroot mostly on  the markets. You prepare them in the same way as the beetroot.
You wondering why I am telling you all this stuff of a vegetable which you and your whole family do not like. Because I know the secret to make any kind of beetroot famous for your family.

The following dish you need
Beetroot                             500 g
Sugar                                 100 g
Water                               1000 ml
Rose water                             2 tsp
Juice and zests of lime             2 nos

Peel the beetroot, chop in to small cubes in a pot. Add the other ingredients and boil until the beetroot is soft. Do not blend the roots.
Strain the stock into a container which you can keep in the freezer and when the stock is cold keep it there. After an hour you should stir the juice with a whisk and repeat the procedure occasionally to get the cristal crunchy structure.
What you get then is Beetroot Granité.
Many thanks to the lovely Ewelina Bubanja from HOLISTIC YOGA BERLIN who was so kind to spend her talents as a photographer to the beetroot project.



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