5 Jul 2014

back into...

After a very long break of writing it is quite hard to find the way back into it. Especially if you not doing it on a daily base.
Today I decided to give me another chance although I know it'll be hard to find the right words for the right story. When I looked up my last post I apparently stopped sharing my thoughts quite a while ago. What a shame. And what a challenge not filling empty pages with the silence of the last month just for saying something. I do not want to say that I haven't anything to tell. 
But where to start? What is the best topic for it? Although many things happened I have no idea?
I am taking a deep breath, adjusting the earplugs, turning on the music and got carried away by the sound. Thinking of all the stories of the past few weeks. The good and the bad stuff, the long and short trips, the rain and the sun, the warm days and the cold nights and looking forward what's next.
Great food, amazing dinners, new people, exciting projects.
I like those little things which are making your day.