2 Apr 2014

simplicity is patience

Decades of working in the kitchen and you are still on fire.
Working as a chef means a lot to me. Not only because you can work with a tremendous variety of ingredients. There is also the possibility to work in different countries, meet great people and make a lot of experience.
No matter how experienced you are you learn every day and sometimes you have to refresh your knowledge. Especially when friends asking you to teach them how to make a sour dough bread. I mean that is great that people trust in you and your skills.
And honestly baking bread is easy... up to a certain stage.

At first when it comes to baking it is like to work on a recipe for a dessert. You should be able to read, remember what you read, should have maths skills and definitely stay with the recipe.
Easy to say, I know. It is really hard to find the right recipe even the right book. Just because of the developement in cooking and the amount of books you can buy. To any topic thousands and thousands of hundreds of writers. There won't be the recipe or the book or whatever. 
If you want to go into the subject of anything and you do not have any idea how it work out you need patience.
Do not worry you are not by yourself. Even the chefs, no matter how famous they are, they need patience.

And at the end the simplicity of baking bread is patience.