19 Mar 2014

pike perch comes for dinner

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call of one of my favourite friends. Pike told me that he wants to join us for dinner last night. What a great idea.
So, I made my mind up and checked the fridge. Bell pepper, bacon, onions, courgettes, white wine, couscous, oranges and butter were around. But I still had to add some items to my shopping list.

Shopping list (in my mind)

Truffle potatoes
Jerusalem artichokes
Potatoes, small (just to add another contrast to the dish)
Garden radish
Italian parsley
Cherry tomatoes

Lucky I am that yesterday was market day. So a good chance for me to get all the necessary stuff  in one place. And it worked out. I really hate the idea of having a shopping odyssey just for a few ingredients.
Back from the market I entered the kitchen, brew a coffee and start my preparations. 

Prep list (in my mind too)

* chop onions and bacon to prepare the pea mash 
* dry cherry tomatoes for the salad
* wash, thinly slice, soak in water, strain, dry and deep fry truffle potatoes,
   the small potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes
* cut bell pepper, onions and courgettes in small cubes for the couscous 
* wash garden radish, keep the green for the sauce and cut the radish into quarters

I just finished my preparations when Pike arrived. Surprise, surprise. He came with his twin brother Perch who was in town as well. We just call them pike perch because they react simultaneous when you talk to just one of them.
And our dinner was complete.

Pike perch with couscous, garden radish and a sauce of its leaves

Pike perch with pea mash and a crispy potato salad 



16 Mar 2014

fight the grey...

In the middle of march you suddenly realise that nearly the first quarter of the year is already gone. You might have the feeling that you are still a bit sleepy. Another Sunday shows that another week is gone and you ask yourself what you have done. 
In the middle of march, not winter anymore but even not spring, still a bit crispy at night and soul warming on the day. Some of the important things have been brought on its way and the other things are nearly done. The grey fade away and will be substitute by the coming season.

The first birthday parties are gone, trees are standing at the foggy  water's edge catching the first sunlight. Pink flowers slowly growing and my feet already touched the green grass. Windy, warm, crispy, rainy that's the middle of march. Here and there some messengers of more daylight.
And the best, the coffee with my love sitting on the bench watching the reflection on the lake. It's great to smell spring.