13 Jan 2014

days are coming, days are going

And all in a sudden a year is gone.
As we all already know the last year wasn't bad, but it was not the best.
So we do not have to discuss why it was not so good and what we have to make better and so on. I think we just go forward step by step with the plans, projects and ideas we have in our minds into an exciting new year.
All I can do is to wish you a amazing new year and that all your wishes are coming true. Thanks to everybody who stood besides me, pushing and supporting me in any situation.

A review of the last twelve month is quite easy. The last year have been marked by up and downs, success, sometimes sadness, happiness and food and wine.
We had gorgeous guests who made our dinners remarkable.
No wonder that the last few weeks have been accompanied by pomegranate, chocclate cake, patries and homemade red cabbage.
Even Emma has been touched by the fragrance which filled our place.