31 Oct 2014

not a childhood pleasure...

When you are a child and it comes to vegetables it seems quite hard for parents to plant the seed of enthusiasm in us for them. I am pretty sure that the most of us have a vegetable that we do not like very much.
For me it is fennel. What is quite funny although I do not  like it very much I think fennel has to go into some dishes to make them a great experience.
But I don't want to talk about fennel.
Because I think there is another vegetable which is more famous of being disliked in our childhood. Probably it has something to do with that strong earthy taste. 
When I was young ... (I love this beginning of a sentence) we mostly got them in school camps. Sometimes on daily base. They coming in jars and the people just strain them and making a kind of salad by adding some salt, pepper, vinegar and oil. And even today people buying those jars of soft cooked and sliced beetroot.

They are really easy to prepare. So there is no reason to buy them precooked.
Surprise, surprise the beetroot has a relative which comes with white and yellow flesh. You find the yellow beetroot mostly on  the markets. You prepare them in the same way as the beetroot.
You wondering why I am telling you all this stuff of a vegetable which you and your whole family do not like. Because I know the secret to make any kind of beetroot famous for your family.

The following dish you need
Beetroot                             500 g
Sugar                                 100 g
Water                               1000 ml
Rose water                             2 tsp
Juice and zests of lime             2 nos

Peel the beetroot, chop in to small cubes in a pot. Add the other ingredients and boil until the beetroot is soft. Do not blend the roots.
Strain the stock into a container which you can keep in the freezer and when the stock is cold keep it there. After an hour you should stir the juice with a whisk and repeat the procedure occasionally to get the cristal crunchy structure.
What you get then is Beetroot Granité.
Many thanks to the lovely Ewelina Bubanja from HOLISTIC YOGA BERLIN who was so kind to spend her talents as a photographer to the beetroot project.



27 Oct 2014

picture book...

Oops. Time is running fast.

After such a long break of posting you are thinking what had happened during the last days and month. Sitting in front of your desk you might say: "Nothing special. Just the normal life."
But also the normal life is a big adventure when it comes to remember what you have done in the past. Thinking of the these little things which made you happy or sad, laughing or cry are the exciting moments you are living for.
Your normal stuff could be something extraordinary for somebody else.

Our days have been filled with blue skies and flowers and with food, like always. No matter if that means to marinate some figs, having a salad for lunch or finding the right tomatoes for dinner. And not to forget it also has been filled with art. Thanks to my lovely wife who is dragging me to exhibitions. And thanks to the dog who is always waiting patiently until she can goes to the wood.

You see, just normal things.
But I do not want to miss them, these exciting moments I can share with somebody.  

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5 Jul 2014

back into...

After a very long break of writing it is quite hard to find the way back into it. Especially if you not doing it on a daily base.
Today I decided to give me another chance although I know it'll be hard to find the right words for the right story. When I looked up my last post I apparently stopped sharing my thoughts quite a while ago. What a shame. And what a challenge not filling empty pages with the silence of the last month just for saying something. I do not want to say that I haven't anything to tell. 
But where to start? What is the best topic for it? Although many things happened I have no idea?
I am taking a deep breath, adjusting the earplugs, turning on the music and got carried away by the sound. Thinking of all the stories of the past few weeks. The good and the bad stuff, the long and short trips, the rain and the sun, the warm days and the cold nights and looking forward what's next.
Great food, amazing dinners, new people, exciting projects.
I like those little things which are making your day.


2 Apr 2014

simplicity is patience

Decades of working in the kitchen and you are still on fire.
Working as a chef means a lot to me. Not only because you can work with a tremendous variety of ingredients. There is also the possibility to work in different countries, meet great people and make a lot of experience.
No matter how experienced you are you learn every day and sometimes you have to refresh your knowledge. Especially when friends asking you to teach them how to make a sour dough bread. I mean that is great that people trust in you and your skills.
And honestly baking bread is easy... up to a certain stage.

At first when it comes to baking it is like to work on a recipe for a dessert. You should be able to read, remember what you read, should have maths skills and definitely stay with the recipe.
Easy to say, I know. It is really hard to find the right recipe even the right book. Just because of the developement in cooking and the amount of books you can buy. To any topic thousands and thousands of hundreds of writers. There won't be the recipe or the book or whatever. 
If you want to go into the subject of anything and you do not have any idea how it work out you need patience.
Do not worry you are not by yourself. Even the chefs, no matter how famous they are, they need patience.

And at the end the simplicity of baking bread is patience.   

19 Mar 2014

pike perch comes for dinner

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call of one of my favourite friends. Pike told me that he wants to join us for dinner last night. What a great idea.
So, I made my mind up and checked the fridge. Bell pepper, bacon, onions, courgettes, white wine, couscous, oranges and butter were around. But I still had to add some items to my shopping list.

Shopping list (in my mind)

Truffle potatoes
Jerusalem artichokes
Potatoes, small (just to add another contrast to the dish)
Garden radish
Italian parsley
Cherry tomatoes

Lucky I am that yesterday was market day. So a good chance for me to get all the necessary stuff  in one place. And it worked out. I really hate the idea of having a shopping odyssey just for a few ingredients.
Back from the market I entered the kitchen, brew a coffee and start my preparations. 

Prep list (in my mind too)

* chop onions and bacon to prepare the pea mash 
* dry cherry tomatoes for the salad
* wash, thinly slice, soak in water, strain, dry and deep fry truffle potatoes,
   the small potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes
* cut bell pepper, onions and courgettes in small cubes for the couscous 
* wash garden radish, keep the green for the sauce and cut the radish into quarters

I just finished my preparations when Pike arrived. Surprise, surprise. He came with his twin brother Perch who was in town as well. We just call them pike perch because they react simultaneous when you talk to just one of them.
And our dinner was complete.

Pike perch with couscous, garden radish and a sauce of its leaves

Pike perch with pea mash and a crispy potato salad 



16 Mar 2014

fight the grey...

In the middle of march you suddenly realise that nearly the first quarter of the year is already gone. You might have the feeling that you are still a bit sleepy. Another Sunday shows that another week is gone and you ask yourself what you have done. 
In the middle of march, not winter anymore but even not spring, still a bit crispy at night and soul warming on the day. Some of the important things have been brought on its way and the other things are nearly done. The grey fade away and will be substitute by the coming season.

The first birthday parties are gone, trees are standing at the foggy  water's edge catching the first sunlight. Pink flowers slowly growing and my feet already touched the green grass. Windy, warm, crispy, rainy that's the middle of march. Here and there some messengers of more daylight.
And the best, the coffee with my love sitting on the bench watching the reflection on the lake. It's great to smell spring. 


13 Jan 2014

days are coming, days are going

And all in a sudden a year is gone.
As we all already know the last year wasn't bad, but it was not the best.
So we do not have to discuss why it was not so good and what we have to make better and so on. I think we just go forward step by step with the plans, projects and ideas we have in our minds into an exciting new year.
All I can do is to wish you a amazing new year and that all your wishes are coming true. Thanks to everybody who stood besides me, pushing and supporting me in any situation.

A review of the last twelve month is quite easy. The last year have been marked by up and downs, success, sometimes sadness, happiness and food and wine.
We had gorgeous guests who made our dinners remarkable.
No wonder that the last few weeks have been accompanied by pomegranate, chocclate cake, patries and homemade red cabbage.
Even Emma has been touched by the fragrance which filled our place.