7 Jul 2013

fridge clearence...

 Sunday morning. 
The sun is tickling your nose and a warm breeze strokes the body.
After a busy week this is a perfect start in to a new day.
A cup of coffee, walking the dog and another cup with a deep breath of summer on the terrace. Live is walking slowly down the streets enjoying the sun. Eyes behind sunglasses following the steps of people passing by the coffee shops.
This kind of laziness might come into your mind when you thinking of a summer sunday. But here is a different way of happiness.
I opened the fridge and I found a lot of great stuff.

A bunch of parsley combined with walnuts, garlic and olive oil will make a nice pesto.
Eggs, butter and strawberries are the right things for a strawberry sponge cake.
Cherries, rosemary and coarse sea salt are perfect for oven dried cherries which are nice with beef.
Cherries, cucumber and ginger combined with the some little secrets are good for a delicious chutney.

These things made my day today.
Thanks for a wonderful sunny sunday.