27 Mar 2013

support and patience...

Work has been done.
When I look back I realise now that it was quite a lot during the last weeks. At the beginning of march it starts with almost ten days without sun. Not because the sun was not shining, I have not seen any. Leaving home at four o'clock in the morning and returning home at eight at night. Great. Not enough, at the same time I had to prepare bits and pieces for private function as well. After some days you get use to handle long days and short nights, unfortunately.
Do not worry. You will take advantage of the chance to sleep in to the day not even thinking to set the alarm. And  when you are recovered you come across the project. This brought me to the highlight of the month.
As we do once every month we had the Speak Easy Club dinner last weekend. Delicious food, nice wine, great converstion, amzing people and lot of fun.

Risotto of barley with sun dried tomatoes

* * *

Lamb shanks braised with pears served with grilled spring onions

* * *

Beetroot Granité with chocolate filled curd cheese dumplings

But in regard to all the hustle, work and fun it is not a one man show.
I think team work is one of the keys of success.
Therefore I want to thank all our guest of last saturday who this a great evening.
Thanks to Café Valentin which is doing the most beautyfull smørrebrød. Last but not least I have to thank the most important ladies around. The queen of colors who is doing all the stuff around the cooking, thinking of flowers for the table,inflame the candles polishing the glasses and cutlery and choosing the right music for the evening. And thank you to Emma who has to be very patience sometimes.