20 Feb 2013


Today I want to talk about a thing we all know. It is in the middle of our life and we just miss it when we can't see it. It is huge and sometime we are wondering where this object is hiding.
The weight is 330000 times the weight of our planet earth. Since the beginning of time it is the centre of our life. Scientists from the antiquity to the present have been discussing the genesis, the age, the size and the impact on the environment and mankind. We probably would not exist without.
Because of  the uniqueness it is also the principal performer of mythology.
The Chinese think that a dragon is going to eat the object and they made a lot of noise so the dragon releases the object. Inn northern mythology it is said that the thing is made from a spark lying on a carriage drawn by two horses and followed by a wolf who will dispatch on the day of apocalypse.
Do not be afraid although the news told us that we had less light in January than the year before. During my adventure in the dark forest this afternoon I found what we hunger for. I can tell you that we are far away from dragons and wolves and other beasts who might hunt the sun down.


18 Feb 2013

some things change, some don't

When I was young (I love to say this) our parents took us for a walk in to  the forest several times. We loved to play hide and seek in between the fallen branches and logs, hunting the invisible cowboys who stole the fish of our rivers. But when we reach a certain age we don't think it is that cool to go with our parents and plying those childish games we played for years. What is quite sad because not all of us can manage not to forget that we have been children once. And we hardly take the time to close our eyes and play again those funny games in our memories.
But therefor we have these places where our memories get a little kick. And just because you took the dog to the snowy forest you could think where are these cowboys. 
You might say that I am lucky because of the dog. But I can assure you  of some places in your memories you'll find in the cities as well.
So did I today.
When I was young (did I told that I love to say this) our parents have not been in the mood sometimes to deal with their noisy children. Or it was raining the whole day, or whatever. So we got some money to spent at the cinema which shows films for children especially on Sundays.
The guy who is running the cinema today told me today that on Sundays not only the children appear. Their parents and grandparents are sitting in these red armchairs as well, just because of their memories. So did he, and he is a grandfather.

17 Feb 2013

simplicity and variety...

Sometimes people ask me where I get the ideas for my recipes and dishes from. Do I sit in the middle of the market and juggling with the food around me? No I do not.
Although time by time I am doing it, in a different way. If you do not have any ideas what to cook in the evening and you are not in a hurry take your time and walk around a bit and listen to the food.
What is quite helpful for inspiration is reading. For sure cookbooks and culinary magazines but literature will do as well.
The description of the scent and colour of a dish meanwhile the bosses of the mafia discussing family things could lead you to success when you do an extraordinary  dish the next time.

The most confusing tool I think is the web.
Let's say you looking for a simple recipe for mousse au chocolat. Have you done it before? It is amazing how many recipes you'll find. From the very simple to the most complicated one. And even if you understand the process of combining the ingredients you may have no idea if they fit together for your taste. That is the confusing thing, to pick the right one for you.
Sometimes take a simple recipe which gives you enough space to enhance the recipe or the dish with you own inspiration.
As you can see by the ingredients of the following recipe it is not written for mousse au chocolat and you need a rolling pin or a pasta machine before you can enjoy the dish.

Pasta dough

250 g semolina
110 g water, warm

 Mix the ingredients and knead well until you get a nice dough.


2 Feb 2013

sputnik and shadows

October 1957, Sputnik 1 has been injected into orbit.

February 2013. During the last decades it appears that some people  still have their doubts that mankind walked on the moon.
February 2013. I don't care much about the doubts of some people. But maybe I have to reconsider this attitude. Especially since yesterday when I found myself on the top of the Sputnik. What I saw was not the blue shiny sphere everybody is telling us about who was sent to space. Blue, red, yellow and white dots came into my sight like thunderbolts.
They told us that Sputnik 1 was uncrewed and had only a thermometer and a transmitter on board. May be nobody was on there when Sputnik circled our blue planet. But it is really true that the satellite burned when its entered the atmoshere? And was it still uncrewed?
When my eyes has been adjusted to the darkness and its colourful flashlights I saw those dimly creatures surrounded by an orange yellow aura. Surprisingly they have been talking in my language. So I sat back and was listening for quite while.

February 2013. Yesterday I have been invited to a literature reading by Salon Kreuzberg . Various actors and actresses reading lyrics of different authors. Just because it is great to reach for the stars this reading happened again at Sputnik which is a nice cinema on top of the roofs.
Thank you all for an amazing evening.