28 Dec 2012


Oh my God.
What for exciting days we had shortly before Christmas.
I mean, I never had the experience being that close to the end. And although I sometimes like to watch movies with horsemen of the Apocalypse and animation where mankind is going to be erased by machines or weapons humans built I could not imagine that reality is so horrible.
When I look out of the window I am really thankful that I am not the only one who survived. And hopefully we learned our lesson this time and going to remember what we did wrong during the last period when we are planning our future.

So did I.
I sat down with my lovely wife, having a cup of coffee, some last Christmas cookies and some gingerbread chocolate thingis. Then we have been talking seriously about our future plans and wrote them down, seriously. Actually I think we do want quite the same.
In regard to all these apocalypse stories and plans and coffees and cookies and and ... we do not have to forget to think of a great dinner.

Surprise, surprise. 
We did this as well and our last dinner for this year will be at new year´s eve.

Cream of Peas with fried Speckled Trout

Lamb Carreé with Tomato Salsa,
Homemade Herb Mayonnaise, 
Baked potatoes & Yellow Beets 

Orange-Chili-Sorbet & Parmesan Mousse 

Little Nightowls
(freshly made Mini Doughnuts)