30 Sep 2012

it is time to say goodbye

Although we should not judge anything or anybody in appearance I have to admit that he was not handsome. He always wears blue and was not able to do more than just one thing. Most of the time he stood in his corner always at the same spot not even talking. You might think that he was that kind of a bloke you don't want to have around your place.
But I have to say that he was very reliable for a very long time and a good companion. Unfortunately he already had his best time and we had to realise that we have to replace him.
I know that sounds heartless but we cannot blame him for anything. Just because there is somebody new standing at his spot, not talking and exactly doing what he already did, there will be a gap.
It is time to say goodbye to our old kettle.

27 Sep 2012

after.... comes...

One of these days you wake up early, without the alarm clock, thinking today will be a great day. Drawing the curtains and the first impression you get is a grey sky and rain drops dancing on the street.
After sleep comes rain.
But after a few mugs of coffee the sun made its way through the clouds and is filling the city with warm light.
After rain comes sun.
So we took the chance and left for having breakfast outside in a place where we wanted to go since ages. After a little walk, playing with the dog we reached Hudson's . Nice, cosy place with a delicious selection of breakfast. We had coffee and scones, scrambled eggs and bacon, butter and toast.
After sun comes breakfast.
No matter how the day begins, it is up on you to make the best of it.


26 Sep 2012

taking a deep breath

The last weeks have been packed with work. Doing some nice dishes, creating new stuff, having dinners and some classes of red wine. Although it was quite hard we had a lot of fun.
But we had to realise that even the strongest coffee was not able to bring back energy. So we decided having a little break for recreation.
I am happy that we took the opportunity to have a short vacation before heading into another busy period.