25 Jul 2012

chop it, squeeze it ... fruity summer breeze

After weeks of rain we hardly believed in summer. But since a few days the ground get the chance to dry and the temperature is climbing up the thermometer. Now we have to realise that the heat will slowly conquer the shadows. Instead of complaining about the nice and warm weather get prepared to enjoy.
Here is a nice and fruity base for your summer drinks.

hibiscus syrup flavoured with orange and ginger 

350  g  sugar
550 ml water
100  g  hibiscus patal, dried
  10  g  ginger, peeled and finely sliced
    1      orange, zest and juice

Give all ingredients into a pot and boil for five minutes.
Leave everthing in the pot to cool down. Strain through a sieve and fill in to a bottle.
You can keep the syrup in the fridge.