5 Apr 2012

refreshing the colour

Close to the Easter weekend you sometimes expect nice and sunny days and you might get prepared for a picnic.
So you take the  ladder to reach the suspended ceiling and grab the dusty picnic basket. And while you cleaning it you think of sandwiches, chicken wings, fresh greens, coffee and tea, juice, homemade cheese cake and lemon tarte, strawberries and maybe a bottle of wine.
You already took the blanket, cutlery and crockery.
Next step is to realise your mouthwatering ideas and you shortly before leaving home to do the shopping. 
And that it is.
You catch a glimpse of the grey sky. The people still wearing coats, scarves and cloves. And even the forecast doesn't make you thinking of a warm Easter weekend sitting outside on the grass surrounded by spring flowers and watching the race of bumble bees.
Spring, new colours, sunny skies and the smell of colourful flowers.
Why not doing an indoor spring and refresh some colours. Anyway, some of these wooden old doors have been on you list for ages.