24 Jan 2012

to be or not to be... a sinner?

One of those days where the sunlight hardly breaks through the cloud cover. A bit of snow, a bit of rain, sometimes a mixture of both. People walking down the streets covered with caps, gloves, scarves and coats with a glance of hope in their eyes that some day the weather will become better. Most of the windows in the houses are dark as the evening is. Just here and there you see the fading shine of a little candle fighting against the darkness.

Shyly the door was opened and and a breath of frost entered the warm room followed by crinkly steps heading into the kitchen. After unwrapping the bodies you see the shiny skins and the mouth watering fragrance of sweetness regorged in to the room.
This was the moment that you realised that is....


What to do with Chocolate?
Unwrap it, melt it, flavour it, cool it, roll it, dip it, garnish it and enjoy it.