28 Dec 2012


Oh my God.
What for exciting days we had shortly before Christmas.
I mean, I never had the experience being that close to the end. And although I sometimes like to watch movies with horsemen of the Apocalypse and animation where mankind is going to be erased by machines or weapons humans built I could not imagine that reality is so horrible.
When I look out of the window I am really thankful that I am not the only one who survived. And hopefully we learned our lesson this time and going to remember what we did wrong during the last period when we are planning our future.

So did I.
I sat down with my lovely wife, having a cup of coffee, some last Christmas cookies and some gingerbread chocolate thingis. Then we have been talking seriously about our future plans and wrote them down, seriously. Actually I think we do want quite the same.
In regard to all these apocalypse stories and plans and coffees and cookies and and ... we do not have to forget to think of a great dinner.

Surprise, surprise. 
We did this as well and our last dinner for this year will be at new year´s eve.

Cream of Peas with fried Speckled Trout

Lamb Carreé with Tomato Salsa,
Homemade Herb Mayonnaise, 
Baked potatoes & Yellow Beets 

Orange-Chili-Sorbet & Parmesan Mousse 

Little Nightowls
(freshly made Mini Doughnuts)



28 Nov 2012

long time, no see...

The last few weeks have been packed with lots of work. Like always.
Our place has been transformed to an construction area for art pieces and then being changed to an exhibition ground. During this art project the place was filled with bottles waiting for integrity, shavings of money soap bars and the fragrance of lemon,thyme and gin. Spots of coulours here and there, happy faces and peals of laughter were our companions for a few days.
And even when we proceed with the daily business we have been interrupted by new friends for spontanous dinners. As november is over now and we have finished our turkey for thanksgiving the empty plates reflecting the joy and happiness of the people we had around.
Thanks to all.  

17 Oct 2012

piece of cake

Almost a week is gone since we sat around the table with some old and new friends for our speak easy club .
Once again we had some bubbles, red wine, serious talkings, a lot laugh about and last but not least a delicious dinner. Although the competition was quite hard I think the dessert, which was Sorbet of Federweißer served with a tarte of roasted nuts, is the winner.

For the dough

sugar                     50 g
butter, softened    100 g
flour                    150 g

Knead all ingredients quickly until you get a smooth dough,
Keep in the fridge for two hours.

For the filling

assorted nuts 350 g (separately roasted and chopped)

sugar                                                   100  g
butter, melted                                       100  g
almonds, blanched and finely grounded  100  g
eggs                                                        3 nos

Mix sugar and grounded almonds in a food processor or blender. Add the eggs and proceed. Slowly pour in the warm and melted butter but do not stop blending.
Combine this mixture with the nuts.

Roll the dough very thin. Place a sheet of baking paper in a baking tray. Fill in the nut mixture and bake at 160°C for about 40 minutes or until done.      

12 Oct 2012


Obviously autumn arrived. Although we still have sunny moments the day mostly starts with grey skies and it is quite crispy at early morning. People more and more change their clothes. You see them walking in boots, wearing gloves, scarves and caps.
And time by time like every year when summer said goodbye even the smile of some people will go on trip for a certain time. Over again we are responsible for bringing back sun and smile into our life by setting highlights.
My highlight for this week is tomorrow. A fully booked Speak Easy Club, with a delicious dinner having people around and enjoying a great evening.
I am sorry for you guys who are not participating but here is the menu.

Home baked Focaccia

Mussels in White Wine

* * *
Osso Buco with baked pumpkin
homemade Pasta

* * *

Sorbet of Federweißer
Nut Tarte


30 Sep 2012

it is time to say goodbye

Although we should not judge anything or anybody in appearance I have to admit that he was not handsome. He always wears blue and was not able to do more than just one thing. Most of the time he stood in his corner always at the same spot not even talking. You might think that he was that kind of a bloke you don't want to have around your place.
But I have to say that he was very reliable for a very long time and a good companion. Unfortunately he already had his best time and we had to realise that we have to replace him.
I know that sounds heartless but we cannot blame him for anything. Just because there is somebody new standing at his spot, not talking and exactly doing what he already did, there will be a gap.
It is time to say goodbye to our old kettle.

27 Sep 2012

after.... comes...

One of these days you wake up early, without the alarm clock, thinking today will be a great day. Drawing the curtains and the first impression you get is a grey sky and rain drops dancing on the street.
After sleep comes rain.
But after a few mugs of coffee the sun made its way through the clouds and is filling the city with warm light.
After rain comes sun.
So we took the chance and left for having breakfast outside in a place where we wanted to go since ages. After a little walk, playing with the dog we reached Hudson's . Nice, cosy place with a delicious selection of breakfast. We had coffee and scones, scrambled eggs and bacon, butter and toast.
After sun comes breakfast.
No matter how the day begins, it is up on you to make the best of it.


26 Sep 2012

taking a deep breath

The last weeks have been packed with work. Doing some nice dishes, creating new stuff, having dinners and some classes of red wine. Although it was quite hard we had a lot of fun.
But we had to realise that even the strongest coffee was not able to bring back energy. So we decided having a little break for recreation.
I am happy that we took the opportunity to have a short vacation before heading into another busy period.

25 Jul 2012

chop it, squeeze it ... fruity summer breeze

After weeks of rain we hardly believed in summer. But since a few days the ground get the chance to dry and the temperature is climbing up the thermometer. Now we have to realise that the heat will slowly conquer the shadows. Instead of complaining about the nice and warm weather get prepared to enjoy.
Here is a nice and fruity base for your summer drinks.

hibiscus syrup flavoured with orange and ginger 

350  g  sugar
550 ml water
100  g  hibiscus patal, dried
  10  g  ginger, peeled and finely sliced
    1      orange, zest and juice

Give all ingredients into a pot and boil for five minutes.
Leave everthing in the pot to cool down. Strain through a sieve and fill in to a bottle.
You can keep the syrup in the fridge.

13 Jun 2012

you cook what you get

Few weeks ago a friend asked me to be a part of a special event at the first organic food fair called Bio Messe Berlin.
The idea was to pick up all the left overs of the stalls at the end of the fair and combine with some chefs, friends and some volunteers to create some new dishes and give it to the people. Excellent I thought, I want to be a part of this.
Last weekend, warm and cloudy sky but nice.
You cannot imagine how much organic food we got. Breads, salad leaves, fruits, yoghurts, meat,vegan and vegetarian food. We have been hardly able to prepare all this stuff.
At the end of the day it was a lot of fun and thanks to all the helping people - wurstsack , Tante Hans , culinary misfits , slow food berlin and the exhibitors who  decided not to throw away the food.

6 May 2012

slaughterhouse transformation

One of those Saturday mornings in spring when the sun decided to tickle your nose and the wind is playing with your curly hair. The first step this morning is heading you to a flea market a few minutes to walk along the channel. Your way is accompanied by dogs playing on the grass, petanque players raking the playing area, the flaps of the first butterflies and the races of the bees.
A coffee to go before you enter the hall of the flea market.
Old chairs, cupboards and lamp shades standing beside your way. You passing car and bike parts, stalls with old screws and nails and all the other little bits and pieces which you might need for ... I do not know.
At the far end of the hall there is an enlightened door which is leading you to an outside space of technical equipment.
Fridges, sinks, oven tops, suitcases full of cutlery, shelves and work benches.
And suddenly you reached a place of maybe 50 square metres where they lying nicely arranged.
That's exactly what you need for the wardrobe.   

4 May 2012

highlight of a busy time

The last weeks have been quite busy.
All that fancy stuff you normally do in spring. Our wooden door project came one step (of another 245 steps) closer to being accomplished. Which is great just because the weather is nice and warm and I am able to spent some time with all these delicious greens, reds, yellows, meat, fish, salads and whatever to breathe new life into the pots, pans  and oven of our kitchen.
One of the highlights of the past was the last Speak Easy Club not only  because we had a lot of new people sitting at our table and a lot of fun like always. The most popular guest at this evening actually was the starter of our menu.

These little salmon ravioli coming in a bunch of three marinated in three different ways swimming in a white wine butter sauce.

Secrets? No secrets. 
The only thing to mention is that ravioli have been filled with a piece (not minced or processed) of fish. So if you cut the fish make sure that pieces will fit into the ravioli and that both, the fish and dough is cooked after the same time. Everything else is depending on your taste. After cutting the fish marinate the pieces for about 24 hours.

Marinade 1 lime zest, lime juice, salt, pepper, garlic (finely chopped), olive oil

Marinade 2 soy sauce, chili, ginger, maybe some salt and pepper, olive oil

Marinade 3 brown sugar, brown rum, salt, pepper, olive oil

Past dough

200 g flour
    2    eggs
Mix flour and eggs and add water until you get nice dough.

5 Apr 2012

refreshing the colour

Close to the Easter weekend you sometimes expect nice and sunny days and you might get prepared for a picnic.
So you take the  ladder to reach the suspended ceiling and grab the dusty picnic basket. And while you cleaning it you think of sandwiches, chicken wings, fresh greens, coffee and tea, juice, homemade cheese cake and lemon tarte, strawberries and maybe a bottle of wine.
You already took the blanket, cutlery and crockery.
Next step is to realise your mouthwatering ideas and you shortly before leaving home to do the shopping. 
And that it is.
You catch a glimpse of the grey sky. The people still wearing coats, scarves and cloves. And even the forecast doesn't make you thinking of a warm Easter weekend sitting outside on the grass surrounded by spring flowers and watching the race of bumble bees.
Spring, new colours, sunny skies and the smell of colourful flowers.
Why not doing an indoor spring and refresh some colours. Anyway, some of these wooden old doors have been on you list for ages.