30 May 2011

what a week

Last but not least a little review of the last weeks.
As it seems that we want our place crowded, sometimes, we have been quite successful at the weekend of the 20th of May.
A few days before some friends from Uruguay arrived to spend the weekend with us. To make it unforgettable we also had an artist from Sylt with whom we shared our space for a combined exhibition.
Never the less than this you need to spend your day in between of beer and tea, crispy potatoes, popcorn, roasted almonds flavoured with chilli, home baked focaccia, rhubarb cake, white chocolate brownie, lots of people coming for the show and as a matter of course art.
No worries, we found a way to spend the nights in a similar way.
So it has been a wonderful time with great art, nice conversations, a lot of laughing and pieces of nice food.
And even Emma got the attention she insists on.

16 May 2011

two days of art

Finally we made a decision.
So many invitations for art events which you hardly visit because of your own schedule. But last weekend we did it and sorry to those we could not make.
Thursday attending a reading and Fridy a vernissage.

And all of a sudden your mind is clear and becomes observant even for things which haven’t been meant to be a piece of art, maybe.
The soap and the tab standing together wondering if somebody will realize that the door of the toilette is low. And even the flush is telling something.
Two illuminated windows like blistering eyes in the night following the reflexions of the artists.
Although it has been just a short moment of our presence thanks to the friends reading of love and to those who made us a piece of their work.

We are looking forward for more. 

11 May 2011


The good thing about my profession is, no matter how many years of experience you have, you always learn something new. As long you are open minded it will provide an insight into the fantastic world of pleasure and joy.

Last weekend when I walked the dog I came to a place which has been the location of a feast.
These colours and the numbers of sophisticated witnesses made me sad that I haven’t had a piece to try.

9 May 2011

busy time

The last few days have been packed with work of different kinds.
Installing new floodlights for the studio which sounds quiet easy if you know what the source of the upcoming problem might be. Although everything has been connected correctly to the electric circuit two of four did not work. It took me a few moments to realize that you have to install the light bulb correctly as well.
Next duties have been easier.
Now the shabby bench gleams in a brilliant orange and the little beloved blue lamp from New Zealand is spending light again after changing the bulb fitting.

For some of you it might not be much but I spent the spare time in the steam of pots and pans accompanied by the heat of the oven.

Last but not least I have been reminded what the basic tools are for a chef.
For sure you need some knives and those little tiny things which are leading you to success. But you also need a tool box with screw drivers, hammer and tongs to be prepared for the emergency or spontaneous refurbishment.

In any case nobody is calling the handy man they say:”Chef we got a problem.”