22 Nov 2011

brussels sprouts, veal and frozen espresso...

... that's what we had for dinner at the last Speak Easy Club on Saturday. I have to admit the presentation was not that basic as it sounds.
For all who might need an idea for a heart warming dinner with or without some friends, here is what we actually had.

Macchiato of brussels sprouts with hommade walnut focaccia

Osso Bucco with cremolata
polenta & saffron fennel

Parfait of Espresso served with a warm pumpkin strudel

Prep lists on the wall, take the apron and have fun. 

11 Oct 2011

good time is gone, good time will come..

After a few days off I returned to work. Got up early in the morning. Walked the dog in the dark, had a coffee in front of our window and suddenly noticed that this is the season of the year when sunlight comes up late.
The whole day it was raining, but not that cold. And even the faces of the people became dark and rainy without any smile. It is just a season and it has its good and bad moments.
I know somebody who thinks that just a tiny little raindrop is full of pleasure. For her good time has not disapeared. She is taking it with a smile.

10 Oct 2011

sun is playing with the clouds

What a sunday. Watching rugby in the morning with a cup of coffee. All Blacks won the match. Seems to be a good start for the day. A short breakfast and another cup of coffee.
What a sunday. Sunny and cloudy not cold but not warm. Just nice enough to spend the day outside. So we went to a flea market expected nothing but all. A big market where it is hard to keep track of the things you looking for. Lots of bits and pieces of everything. Metal, wood, furniture, parts of bikes, fridges and cars and a lot more.
What a sunday. We found what we have been looking for the next project. Went back, took the thermos flask and the dog to leave again home towards the airport. The dog was hunting the ball and runnig around. The sun is playing with the clouds and although it is not cold but not warm you know that autumn has arrived.
That is exactly the day you should conclude with a mug of hot spiced red wine.
What a nice sunday.

9 Oct 2011

fluffily and succulent ..... apple pie

The right thing for a sunny afternoon in autmn.
The following recipe is for a deep baking tray (40x30 cm).


400   g    flour
  25   g    fresh yeast
170   g    sugar
250   g    softened butter
   2         eggs
200  ml  milk, warm
              pinch of salt
1/2   tsp  cinnamon
500   g    apples
   2 tblsp lemonjuice
  30   g   almonds, sliced


Place flour, yeast, 70 g sugar, 50 g butter, the milk, eggs and a pinch of salt in a food processor and knead for about 5 minutes.
Cover and rest at warm place in your kitchen for 40 minutes.
Line out the baking tray with some baking paper and dispense the dough evenly and let it rest for another 20 minutes.
Put 200 g butter, cinnamon and 70 g sugar in a bowl and whisk until very creamy.
In the meanwhile peel the apples, cut in to halves, remove the core  and slice. Mix the slices in a differnt bowl with the lemon juice.
Fill a piping bag with creamy butter pip little dots close to each other into the dough. Arrange nicely the apples onto the dough and sprinkle over the rest of the sugar and the almonds.
Preheat the oven and bake the pie for about 25-30 minutes at 180°C.

8 Oct 2011

construction site

Before you start to build something you have to think how the product has to look like. Then you make a plan and consider the need to complete the project.
Write a list with all the ingredients you have to buy.
Contact suppliers and place your order. Even if you need additional staff hire them as early as you can and make sure that they have the right attitude which is reflecting the product.

For the following project you need some staff. In this case a couple. One couple is enough. They have nothing more to do than to look good, have to be dressed in a special way and should be able to stand still for a very long time. And they have to smile and be friendly for the same period.

Now here is your list.
Flour, starch, butter, eggs, sugar, salt, chocolate, cream, milk, lemons, egg white, icing sugar, marzipan and food colour.
Make sure you have enough of everything because you will need a lot.
The most important thing is to start early enough and in the right order.

Do not worry about the impressions you may get during the process. It is not always good looking but at the end it will be gorgeous.

1 Oct 2011

kites in the sky...

The last weeks have been packed with work. Starting with with the journey to the island Rügen it became more busy than I expected.
I can't even remember what happened in september except sleep, showering and work. Bad way of life.
Realising that you hardly had time to take a breath doesn't make you happy. Only a short number of pictures may support your memories.
Memories of a summer of rare moments of recreation. Blue sky, green gras, dogs that lay beside the dandelion counting the seeds and the colour of the blue hour at the air field.


20 Aug 2011

journey - island rügen

I have been away for a few weekends doing some cooking following original recipes from 1825 or so. In this context also a play has been presented by a little group of actors, musicians and a lot of helping hands and friends to regard Mr. Schilling. He lived at this time in Kap Arkona taking care of the lighthouse and running a restaurant.

We spent the weekends cooking and entertaining the people.
Serving food in between the breaks.
Having some beers in foggy nights under the lighthouse.
Try to get some sleep in little red bungalows. Some of them still need some refurbishment.

Also the weather wasn't that good we had a great time.

5 Jul 2011

strawberries everywhere

With regard to the wheather of last night it was clear what we will have for dinner. A nice creamy potato soup and some sausages as we had when we were children. But can only  a soup feed your soul? Definitly not. Anyway some shopping needed to be done and I had to check the fridge before.
Not much in there to make somebody happy. Just some yoghurt and crème fraîche and ..... some strawberries..
This happened after the shopping 

Cleaned the strawberries, chopped and marinated with some browne sugar and liquor.
Mixed some yoghurt and crème fraîche, added a pinch of white sugar and some orange zests.
Diced some Amerettini.
And the greatest challenge for this dish: arrange everything layer by layer in a glass.

Have fun and enjoy your dinner at 11 pm.

4 Jul 2011

get prepared

Summer has come. A lot of work is done. And in between we had a great exhibition and a stunning feedback.
This time the art of food was in the front and its presentation. Seasonal food, simple dishes we all know but in a different dress. Neither the colour nor the consistence but still the taste exists. Take a spoonful, close your eyes and try to remember the classical dish you already know.

Although it is rainy and cold outside, it will be nice and warm again. So we have to be prepared for a hot summer and some scoops of avocado ice cream.

avocado ice cream

Avocado Ice Cream

Avocado, ripe and soft          2 each     
Sugar, brown                     100 g
Yolks                                     8 each     
Milk                                   0.4 l            
Cream                                0.4 l            

Beat the yolks and the sugar until you get a nice white cream.
In the meantime boil milk and cream together in a pot. Pour into the egg mixture by stirring constantly. Now pour back into the pot and heat up the mixture over 70°C until thickened. Never stop stirring and scratching the bottom of the pot.
Strain the mixture through a chinois.
Remove the stone of the avocado, peel and dice. Mix in a blender the avocado and some of the ice cream base until nice and creamy. Mix with the rest and freeze in a ice cream machine.

Summer can come now.

lollies of potato and leek salad

rhubarb chips

14 Jun 2011

in between . . . rhubarb cake

Last week has been packed with work. Seven days in a row, ten hours per day cutting, slicing, dicing, boiling and cooking. Every day starting from the scratch again not knowing where to start first. Seven days in a row chefs talk, the noise of the dish washer, falling pots and pans and the screaming shards of the crockery.
In between always the upcoming art event in my mind. Not exactly knowing what to do.
On Sunday we changed the concept because of a food problem.
A few hours of brainstorming has been rewarded with some great new ideas.
In between, as we have nothing to do, I found some butter, eggs, flour, sugar and fresh rhubarb in our kitchen.

Rhubarb cake

250 g sugar
250 g butter
250 g flour
    3    eggs
600 g rhubarb
    4    egg white
100 g sugar

The recipe is for a baking pan of 28 centimetres diameter.

Peel the rhubarb and cut into pieces.
Which size? I do not know. At least it should fit into the baking pan.
Honestly? Small but not to small.
Keep the pieces in a bowl and sprinkle some sugar over  the rhubarb and let it soak for 30 minutes. The rhubarb will loose some juice and becomes soft.
Whisk butter and sugar until you get a nice soft and white cream. Add the whole eggs one by one meanwhile you still whisking the mixture. Fold in the flour.
Cover the bottom of the baking pan with some baking paper and add the dough.
Strain the rhubarb and allocate the pieces evenly across the dough and lightly press into the dough.
Preheat the oven at 200°C.
Whisk the egg white until stiff and add the sugar constantly. Cover the cake with the egg whites and bake at 175°C until the cake is done and the whites brown and crunchy.
Last time I did it took 55 minutes.

In between do not forget to do the dishes.

1 Jun 2011

wine tasting

After days of visitors, art and exhibitions and food production days I have to work for a client at a wine tasting.
That sounds great what it is. Unfortunately I am standing on the side where you have to throw all the ingredients into pots and pans to hopefully get a delicious dish. Lucky I am that I always can have a spoon full of taste and may be a sip of red or white.

Terrine of spinach and goat cheese served with herbal octopus

Sautéed liver of rabbit accompanied by ricotta cheese gnocchi

Tomato risotto with young artichokes

Saltimbocca with a lime sauce served with peperonata and polenta

Espresso panna cotta with grappa ice cream and apricots

Parmesan with aged balsamic vinegar

30 May 2011

what a week

Last but not least a little review of the last weeks.
As it seems that we want our place crowded, sometimes, we have been quite successful at the weekend of the 20th of May.
A few days before some friends from Uruguay arrived to spend the weekend with us. To make it unforgettable we also had an artist from Sylt with whom we shared our space for a combined exhibition.
Never the less than this you need to spend your day in between of beer and tea, crispy potatoes, popcorn, roasted almonds flavoured with chilli, home baked focaccia, rhubarb cake, white chocolate brownie, lots of people coming for the show and as a matter of course art.
No worries, we found a way to spend the nights in a similar way.
So it has been a wonderful time with great art, nice conversations, a lot of laughing and pieces of nice food.
And even Emma got the attention she insists on.